Coreto - Céu (Music Video)

>  screenplay, direction

A woman is transported into a metaphorical universe when she uses her voice to break censorship, influencing everything around her. On one side, we have contained, repressed spaces, destruction of objects and fire. On the other hand, outdoors, dancing and singing, as forms of more expansive expressions.

Production Company: Landia
Artist: Céu
Directed by Aline Lata
Dop: Érico Toscano
Art Director: Rodrigo Saraiva
Stylist: Allan Gandhi
Make up and hair: Lau Neves and Mari Kato
Editing: Filipe Rizzo and Aline Lata
Color Grading: Marla Colour Grading
Choreographer: Monika Bernardes
Cast: Céu / Mariano Martins / Celio Boss/ Daniel Marques Jr / Gabriel Sidorenko / Heine Michelão / Jimmy The Dancer / Jonnata Doll / Kevin Gomes/ Laurinete Gouveia / Lucas / Luciana Andrade / Luiza Figueiredo / Mariza Virgolino / Monika Bernardes / Rachel Amoroso / Regina Camargo / Silvana Medeiros Soneka (EDI Carlos) / Tamara Thomaz / Vitor Youssef