Mud Trail

Feature film

"Mud Trail" follows two young men whose lives were turned upside down after a massive mudslide washed away their village in one of Brazil's worst environmental disasters. The film charts the coming-of-age journey of environmental refugees Ricardo and Marlon as they set out in a mix of desolation and anger, on a road trip to trace the 600 km path of the toxic mud.


The Safest Place in the World (Documentary)

> direction with helena wolfenson

In process

"The Safest Place in the World"

The film portraits the life of Marlon, a young man whose life turned upside down after one of the greatest socio-environmental tragedies in the world changed his life forever. Marlon was forced to migrate from his home in the country to the city outskirts, after the breakage of ore waste dam destroyed his entire village. The feature follows Marlon’s efforts to continue with his life in a new setting while remaining connected with his maze like memories.